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Mains of Balhall Wastewater Treatment Works


Project focus

End User: Scottish Water

Surface Treatment Area: Approx 2200m²

Value: £95,000

Mains of Balhall Wastewater Treatment Works

Eco∼tech Systems were contracted to carry out a series of modifications and alterations to this rural Balhall Sewage Treatment works, to ensure that it was operating at its optimum performance levels.

Appropriate site signage, goalposts and security fencing were erected as necessary, temporary ramps were installed across the Landowners’ access track to allow for a flow diversion over-pumping system to be incorporated whilst works were completed to the site welfare facilities.

Works included the installation of a new Septic Tank, which required the emptying, cleaning and demolition of the old unit including the concrete cover, surround and plinths. Following the removal and disposal of the old unit, the area was then excavated to form new levels to allow the installation of the new tank; complete with all reinforced and shuttered concrete works. Further modification works were required to raise the surface levels of the beds and re-locate the main effluent lines.

All existing distribution pipes also required removal and were set aside for re-installation later. New PCC flags were installed to house the distributing outlet points and act as splash plates, all set to height using the latest laser levelling equipment to ensure millimetre perfect accuracy. This guaranteed even distribution across the surface treatment area. The top layer of sand was then re-levelled and the new reeds were planted.

Refurbishment was completed following modification works to the Siphon chamber, installation of the gravel footpaths and the re-installation of the existing handrails. All site works were completed within 9 consecutive working days; ahead of schedule and all within budget.