Construction of the world’s largest Thermal Oxidiser Plant

In Case Studies by Kate Wilson

The Omega Proteins Ltd (Penrith) operates a Category 3 animal by-products processing plant that produces oils and meals for use in biofuels, cosmetics, oleo chemicals, pet food and power industries.

In 2019 Eco~tech Systems were commissioned to construct only the second Thermal Oxidiser Plant in the world.

The plant generates heat by utilising a by-product from the meat rendering industry, which is burnt via a kiln. The heat is drawn through a boiler which then creates steam. The steam exits the boiler and initially it feeds a steam turbine which generates enough electricity to make the plant self-sufficient.

Surplus electricity not used by the facility is then returned to the National grid. The residual steam pressure is around 3-4 bar which is exactly the right pressure to supply the factory and accommodate the processes they use making the oxidiser extremely efficient.

Eco~tech Systems installed and aligned the kiln and support rollers, the kiln feed and associated screws, hoppers and ductwork, the firing systems and associated fans, aligned the boiler, blasters and associated pipework.

We also installed and aligned the main air fans, bearings couplings and ductwork, installed and adjusted the waste product or ash drag chains, hoppers and chutes, and the screw conveyors to de-ash the waste air.

Eco~tech Systems also decommissioned and dismantled the existing chimney, assisted with the installation of the bag filter, installed a dust cyclone systems to remove ash from the air, installed the blasters, the main drive gearbox and kiln motor, and aligned the pinion and girth gear.

Our Lead Engineer was often responsible for running the entire site and liaised directly with the Spanish Manufacturing company who supplied the plant. A great team effort and achievement to delivery such a high-quality build amid strict time constraints, on a unique plant. Credit to all staff involved.