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Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for choosing Eco~tech Systems Environmental Ltd to deliver your project.

As part of our continuous improvement strategy and ISO 9001:2015 quality management commitment, we request customer feedback on every project.

To assist us with this, could you please spare two minutes of your valuable time and complete our customer satisfaction survey. Your feedback is essential to us.

1. Please provide name of the project you completing this survey, your name and position and the name of the company you represent.

2. How would you rate the quality of our work?

3. How do you feel we delivered against the agreed programme?

4. How responsive were we regarding any requests or questions?

5. How clear and concise was any documentation provided?

6. How well did we meet your handover expectations?

7. Overall how satisfied are you with Eco~tech Systems?

8. How likely are you to use Eco~tech Systems again or recommend them to others?