It is the objective of Eco~tech Systems to ensure that it satisfies its duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other pertinent legislation and achieves the highest possible standards with regard to health, safety and the environment in all of the Company’s activities.

Eco~tech Systems recognise that they must ensure the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by the Company’s work activities as well as its own employees. All reasonable efforts will be made to liaise with other Contractors who may share the same workplace to ensure that everyone is working to provide the high standards of health and safety throughout.

All employees, including Contractors will ensure that every effort is made to protect the general public from the Company’s work activities and will further ensure that as far as is practicable a courteous approach to members of the public is adopted with the minimum possible disruption.

Every effort will be made to exclude unauthorised persons from the Company’s sites and workplaces.
All employees, including contractors and contractors’ employees will be advised of their legal duty to carry out their work in a safe manner, and to co-operate with the Company, its Managers, Supervisors and its Advisers whilst they are at work.
All Contractors will be advised that under no circumstances will they be permitted to allow inexperienced, untrained, or uncertified-certified (where applicable) persons to work on the Company’s sites unless they are properly supervised or undergoing appropriate training.

In order to maintain compliance with The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM), the Company will make all reasonable efforts to establish the applicability of the Regulations and its role in compliance with them.
In order to maintain co-operation between Contractors and the safe co-ordination of operations, all Contractors employed by the company will have to satisfy the requirements of the Company’s Selection of Contractors procedures. Contractors failing to co-operate with the completion of the “Selection of Contractors Questionnaire” or comply with the Company’s “Rules for Contractors” will not be employed.

When required, the Company will prepare a developed Construction Phase Plan from the information available via the Client’s site investigations and pre-construction information. When appropriate any ongoing modifications or additions to such plans will be relayed to the Principal Designer for verification.

The co-ordination of all health and safety will, as far as is possible using available information, be indicated in the developed Construction Phase Plan and will be implemented by the site management team. Any modifications to the plan requiring variations to the co-ordination of health and safety will be dealt with by the management team as and when necessary, with the amendments relayed to the Principal Designer.

Wherever there are on-site hazards and risks which may need to be brought to the attention of any operatives then a variety of methods may be used, dependent on the prevailing circumstances and the information available (e.g. general posters or signs, assessments, method statements, written notices, pay slip insertions etc.)

All employees and Contractors will be given the opportunity to comment on any health and safety aspect which they feel may affect themselves or others during the course of an operation. When appropriate, all Contractors will be instructed to ensure a suitable representative attends all pertinent health and safety meetings.

In order to assist with the preparation of the health and safety files, Eco~tech Systems will agree to any requests from Principal Designers to provide, as far as is possible from information available, all relevant health and safety information which may be required for insertion into any such health and safety file (e.g. drawings, plans, specifications, including modifications etc.) and will endeavour to provide a free flow of any other health and safety information to whoever it may concern.

This Company will agree to abide by any relevant, written rules which the Principal Designer or Client may lay down regarding health and safety but reserves the right to inquire how the rules were achieved if they appear to be impractical or could, in the opinion of the Company, create a greater hazard or risk to its employees, Contractors or others.

When working on the premises of other employers this Company will agree to any induction training required by the host employer and will agree to be represented, whenever required at health and safety related meetings.

If this Company is required to carry out any design work we will agree to co-operate with the Principal Designer and, if requested, will explain how the design was achieved and how health and safety will be maintained.

All employees, including any Contractors, will be expected to adhere to all relevant health and safety legislation, to co-operate with the Company and its Health and Safety Advisers, and to report any unsafe plant, equipment or situations to their supervisor immediately.

The Company will arrange for all necessary assessments, method statements and safe systems of work required by statute to be carried out before operations commence or before any person’s health and safety is affected. The Company will also ensure that all necessary assessments, method statements and safe systems of work its Contractors have to provide will be available for verification before operations commence and before any person’s health and safety is affected.