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Environmental Policy – Eco~tech Systems

Eco~tech Systems has implemented an Environmental Management System that draws on the intentions and principals of BS EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems.

In particular, Eco~tech Systems is committed to:
• Making every effort to conserve the use of materials and energy and, where viable, collect waste materials for recycling;
• Wherever viable, using materials and products from sustainable sources that are also re-usable or recyclable;
• Identifying that whilst construction is in progress, all reasonable precautions will be taken against environmental damage, disruption or nuisance on or adjoining the project;
• Keeping sites and all places of work clean and tidy as a good environmental;
• Avoiding pollution of the air, ground and waste by unnecessary noise, fumes, dust or the disposal of construction materials;
• Regularly assessing the need for further environmental investigations or surveys;
• Complying with all relevant environmental legislation, applicable consents and appropriate Codes of Practice.